Integrated Platform

Our revolutionary technology platform is so simple, yet so comprehensive, it lets you bring more awareness to your voluntary benefits while enhancing their value. Because at YouDecide, we custom-design and build websites for your company that deliver a better benefits experience for everyone.

Better for employees
Our fully integrated custom-built platform allows employees to access their voluntary benefit insurance products, financial services and corporate discounts quickly and securely, all in one place. It’s built with mobile-first technology, so it’s convenient and easy to access. And the platform features expanded employee decision tools, built-in enrollments and APIs, and our integrated payroll solution to view real-time deductions.

Better for you
Expertly designed and managed by our in-house IT team, our cloud-based platform is designed to be agile. Which means you implement it once—and it’s done. We provide unlimited data exchange capability, seamless integration, and deployments of new features to deliver an exceptional experience for your employees, all while eliminating the administrative burden of managing multiple vendors and data exchange interfaces.

The real benefit is better people.

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