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When you partner with YouDecide, we become your trusted source for all things voluntary. We call it YD 360°, but our clients call it the ultimate benefits outsourcing experience. Our value-based consulting approach—powered by our proprietary technology—lets you upgrade your company’s voluntary benefits, while reducing costs.


Experts in benefits. Experts in helping people.

When you design a voluntary benefits program, you need expertise. When you implement it, you need a partner that can execute. So, we do both—creating a program that’s customized to your organization, then flawlessly communicated, rolled out, and administered.


You save time. Your employees save money.

Everyone likes saving. And with YouDecide, it’s effortless. Employees get direct access to high-value products at deep discounts. Plus, we’ll integrate and manage your current discounts with our national vendors. So, you get the perfect mix of vendors for your employees.


A single platform for all things voluntary.

Our platform allows you to offer a more robust suite of benefits in one place with ease. Our fully integrated platform enhances what you have today, so employees can quickly and securely access a customized suite of voluntary benefits and discounted vendor savings right at their fingertips.


Time-saving payroll technology you can take to the bank.

Nobody likes staying late to grind out payroll or reconcile carrier invoices. So, we deliver a groundbreaking payroll program that makes it seamless and efficient. Our technology consolidates multiple deductions into a single slot and manages the billing reconciliation and remittance process—all before quitting time.


Drive success with actionable insights.

We know you’re always looking to make your benefits—and your employees’ lives—better. But to do that, you need to be able to see how your program is performing. Our comprehensive reporting provides you the tools to easily monitor program activity and make strategic decisions.


The info employees need—where & when they need it most.

Your employees need communications that help them feel supported, not bombarded. So, we work with you and tap into comprehensive data to create a strategy that’s effective and engaging—ensuring your employees get the right content, at the right time.


If your employees need help, we answer the call.

With live, 24/7/365 support, our dedicated call center makes it easy for employees to quickly find answers. And because they’re employed by YouDecide, they’re advocating for your employees—not selling to them.


One 360° solution, backed by powerful technology.

We take the privacy and security of client data seriously. That’s why we’ve invested more than 100 million dollars into technology that’s not just smart—it’s safe. So, we promise your employees—and their data—will be protected.

Together, we build better people.

We believe benefits should help employees be better people. So, we make benefits better for everyone by making things simple. Being a partner. And doing the right thing—every time. Because the end result isn’t just a better benefit. The real benefit is better people.

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